Ed Gordon exclusive R Kelly interview on controversy parts 1 and 2 in 2002

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Published at : 13 Nov, 2017
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BET Tonight with Host Ed Gordon. Exclusive interview with R. Kelly in 2002. Parts 1 and 2. Original air date May 8th and 9th, in 2002.

Note: Questions regarding singer, dancer, and actress, Aaliyah were especially difficult as she along with eight (8) others had perished in a tragic plane crash nine (9) months earlier on August 25, 2001.

Topics discussed and Questions asked in Part 1 of 2:

1) How does this affect your wife and children?

2) What relationship did you have with the other 2 young women whose lawsuits were settled?

3) Were the documents regarding Aaliyah real?

4) Did you see the tape?

5) What about the 3rd lawsuit you are currently facing?

6) Sparkle says the girl in the tape is her niece; does she have an axe to grind?

7) What about the Best of Both Worlds album with Jay-Z?

8) Do you cry everyday?

End of Part 1 of 2.

Topics discussed and questions asked in Part 2 of 2.

1) Would it be easier to view the tape to rest people's mind?

2) Why should people see smoke but no fire?

3) Who are "they" or who's part of the smear campaign that is out to get you?

4) Do you believe your former manager is behind this?

Highlighted Quote (Post Production)

"And Every Night Will Continue to be a low point until I reach a certain point where I learn how to take control of my life and not do certain things anymore."
Ebony Magazine
September 1998

Postscripts from Ed Gordon interview:

Kelly says He'll continue to work on new music for an upcoming project. He says his work has been therapeutic in these troubling times.

"Pray for me. Not just to get through this, but to become the kind of man I am trying to become."
R. Kelly

End of Part 2 of 2.

This was recorded as it originally aired in 2002 on a VHS video cassette tape by Classic Hip Hop Storage Box creator, Sistah Crystal.
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