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Published at : 2018-12-23
We live in the age of speed. Nevertheless, each of us loves to eat hearty and tasty. Therefore, I have selected some simple but ingenious recipes for you. You will cope with them even if you have no idea about cooking at all!

And another definite plus: in some recipes, you can use the remnants of the products that are in each refrigerator. For example, boiled meat or vegetables, drying cheese or yesterday’s mashed potatoes. I'll show you how to bake buns and pies, how to make sushi, pancakes, muffins, lemonade and sauces, and even chocolates!

I will also show you some interesting tricks with eggs - how to make colored eggs, how to separate yolks from whites, how to determine the freshness of eggs, how to peel boiled eggs easily.

An excellent Christmas gift for your favorite women can be a romantic dinner that a man will do with his own hands. I decided to offer you a couple of simple recipes that do not require a lot of time and effort.

The beauty of working with puff pastry is that any dish turns out delicious. It’s almost impossible to spoil it. And most importantly - you can just buy ready-made dough in the store. The recipe of this dish is ideal for a bachelor, because it is as simple as possible to prepare, and the result usually causes wild delight. Yes, and his heartiness is excellent.

Pie with Camembert and sausages

Cut the "cover" of Camembert and put chopped dried tomatoes and greens or onions into it. Place the camembert in the center of the round puff pastry sheet. Put the sausages around it, wrap them in dough and make cuts. Put them in this way. Brush with egg. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Pancakes without flour

Mash bananas in a bowl using a fork. Add eggs and mix thoroughly. Fry in a pan. Decorate the pancakes with banana slices, maple syrup or honey.

Check out also how to make pancakes with pineapple rings, pancake pie with blueberries, muffins with pineapples and cherries. See how easy it is to cook sushi with ice trays. With ice trays, you can also make mini-pies with different fillings, sweet and salty: with cottage cheese, meat, jam, berries, fruits. Just put a layer of puff pastry in a tray, put the stuffing in the grooves, and cover with a second layer of dough.


1:50 Brie or Camembert Pie
3:38 Sushi with ice tray
5:50 Chocolate candies
7:30 Pancakes with blueberries
10:27 Tartlets

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