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Published at : 2017-12-07
Easy and yummy recipes everyone can make under 5 minutes

Try these simple recipes, cooking hacks and kitchen tricks - they will definitely make your life easier. Open your fridge, turn on the oven and get creative!

1. Delicious Nutella sandwich
You must give this yummy sandwich a try! Take a piece of bread and put some butter on it. Turn it around, put Nutella on and put bananas on top. Cover bananas with another piece of bread. Heat up a pan with a small piece of butter. Fry a sandwich on both sides. Umm, delicious!

2. Banana Nutella sushi
Surprise your kids with these amazing sweet sushi. They will definitely like it! Peel a banana and put Nutella around and sprinkle popped rice over it. Now cut it like sushi. Wonderful dessert is ready! :)

3. The fastest sorbet recipes
Enjoy a delicious sorbet on a hot day. Make it in a minute. Take your favorite juice and pour it in a double zip-lock bag. Put some ice in the outside bag and shake it. The sorbet is done! Put it in a glass and enjoy!

01:44 Nutella pancake
03:00 Potato pizza
06:38 Delicious herbs pancakes
09:34 Puff pastry ideas
11:31 Easy sorbet recipe

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