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Published at : 2018-08-08

Every person goes to a party for the plain reason of having fun, but what to do if you are having a party at home? This time we prepared some ton of ingenious lifehacks for the party!
Watch our video and find a whole collection of easy and helpful ideas such as:
-Create unbelievable homemade musical instruments from a bowl, silicone gloves, straws, and even carrot!
-Frozen ice balloons
Great party idea - freeze balloons with water as a substitute for ice and keep your party drinks cold for the whole evening. Water balloons are affordable and often cheaper than buying ice itself. Besides, you can customize the color of the balloons according to your party’s theme.
-To freeze your beer more effectively when it’s too hot just cover the can with a wet napkin
- Make these awesome phone speakers for very little money, using two plastic cups and a roller cover. Make your own phone speakers with a paper towel roll and two cups! Make a hole in the plastic cups with a knife. Put the paper tube into the hole. Make a hole to insert your phone and enjoy your favorite music!
-DIY Disco ball
Turn your old CDs into a disco ball to boogie under! It's a smart and fun project to recycle all old CDs and turn them into something funky and new. All you need are some CDs, a Styrofoam ball, shears, and some glue!
-how to warm up pizza in 30 seconds
-How to open a bottle of beer with a sheet of paper, can of ring
Balloons remain one of the most popular ways of decorating for different special occasions. Double balloons, sometimes called bubble balloons, are essentially just smaller balloons suspended inside larger balloons. Watch our video and find out how to create bubble balloons!
Find out creative decoration ideas, create super cool home soda machine, party poppers and much more!


00:06 Homemade musical instruments
05:37 Dance moves
08:21 Warm up pizza in 30 seconds
08:30 Double balloons
09:38 DIY Disco ball
10:19 Home soda machine

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