Smack that- ORIGINAL! (Little brother video bombs sister)

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Published at : 24 Sep, 2011
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It's been about three years since I posted this video and it went viral. I just want to answer a few questions that seem to constantly fill my inbox.

1. Yes. Yes I did think this was sexy. Thank you for noticing.

2. I was 14 when I made this video. If you ask me to take my shirt off instead of my little brother, that technically makes you a pedophile. #ImFlattered

3. I know. I'm so thin that I'm practically a Victoria's Secret model. I'll post a video later of the diet plan I used during my teen years. If you don't have time to watch that video though, just remember if all else fails, Skittles and Gravy are the way to go.

4. Beau (Little brother) is still a dancing machine at age 16. We enjoy remaking this video at wedding receptions and children's birthday parties for extra cash.

5. Idk what you're all talking about, but the orange t-shirt, greasy low ponytail, braces and ill-fitting jeans are all flattering. Clearly I'm the only one here who has watched "What not to wear [when in a viral video edition]."

6. If you can't catch on to the overwhelming amount of sarcasm in the last 5 points, please leave a comment below. It's the crazy mean people who make the internet worth while.

Thanks for the views! Just know that I think of each and every one of you when I count all the money made off of making my awkward phase a public display. #GodBlessYoutube #GodBlessCancun2006 #GodBlessAkon