105% Eggcellent MAGNET Satisfaction ASMR - Zen Magnets

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Published at : 30 Oct, 2018
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Playing with 3,456 Sphere magnets. This is the Tesseract set from Zen magnets. More magnet videos coming up soon. Also watch my infinity Gauntlet made out of 1,728 sphere magnets. https://youtu.be/huHj2iRiggA

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Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote this product. I only got a free product sample to make a review but not to promote it. All my opinions are my own, and If a company sent me a product for review or sponsorship I promise to make 100% honest review and not biased. Disclaimers: This Video Contains Affiliate link which means when you click on the link and buy something I get a very small commission to support my youtube channel.
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