What If You Stopped Talking for a Month?

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Published at : 05 Dec, 2018
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What are the benefits of practicing silence? Did you know that we speak about 16,000 words per day? Of course, these numbers vary depending on your job, how many people you live with, and how many people you interact with every day. But still, the enormous amount of information going through our brains at any given moment! So sometimes we just need some peace, and that’s where practicing silence comes in.

It can be a frightening experience at first. People think that being bound to silence for a while means losing the ability to communicate. In reality, being silent for a few days can give you a feeling of liberation you might never have experienced before. It can also lead to a stronger connection to yourself and offer you a genuine sense of peace.

Silence will take the pressure off 2:33
It’ll help you make happier decisions in the long run 3:23
It’ll make you think before you speak 4:17
It’ll make you comfortable with silence 5:01
It’ll make you a better listener 5:40
It’ll awaken your inner voice 6:28

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- Being silent will allow you to have time to think about what the real response is, allowing you to come up with an answer that is genuine to you. Having this opportunity is important, especially if the question was pointed or difficult and would’ve caused a stressful response.
- By practicing silence, you can ensure that in addition to hearing everyone’s opinion about your dilemma, you hear your own opinion, one that you might be afraid to share or that was hiding underneath your own talking or all the other voices.
- Sometimes talking is a way of giving voice to anxious and stressful thoughts, but endless talking can prevent you from finding a solution. Keeping mum isn’t only simpler — it can also stop you from putting your foot in your mouth.
- A lot of people are uncomfortable with silence, finding it almost physically painful, particularly during social interactions. When you practice this, you’ll learn how to be in a room filled with people and know that nothing bad will come from being silent.
- When you abstain from filling up space with sound, they are more able to own up to their own space. By paying attention through eye contact, you can also catch body language cues and information that might not be shared verbally.
- As you grow older and are faced with more challenges and responsibilities, it can become harder and harder to listen to inner voice. Being silent means you have the opportunity to listen to that voice.

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