13 Twisted Riddles That'll Crack Your Brain

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7-Second Riddles
Published at : 20 Oct, 2018
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Try out this set of 13 twisted riddles that will crack your brain! These brain games can become a great workout for your brain. Turn on your logic and imagination to crack these puzzles before the time is up. If you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve different riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice some changes in your critical thinking and logical thinking abilities!

00:14 - A tricky visual puzzle to challenge your brain and make you sweat! You have to turn on your mind power and do your best to concentrate on the pictures, then you will have a chance to keep up with it. I must say I failed every single one as I'm not careful enough for such puzzles, but I believe you'll crack them all!
03:09 - I hope these fun quiz questions won't scare you, my friend! Now you know that 69 cups of coffee it's OK, but 70 cups it's just too much for you☕️🍫
04:29 - This mystery riddle will become a serious challenge for your brain! Was it the deer which killed him? Seems impossible! Or was it something else? Turn on your logic and try to sum up all the information you can get from the riddle. If you don't get the answer in time, you're probably still sleepy😜
06:09 - Tricky text riddles to tease your brain and make you sweat! Only a person with brilliant logic and a great sense of humor can crack them and I don't even know a person who ever solved each of them. Will you be the first one?!
07:34 - A tricky crime riddle only the most attentive ones can crack! How could the detective identify the criminal throwing only a glance at him? This is not an easy riddle at all...Turn on your logic and pick any small detail, then you'll definitely find the answer!
08:46 - A short but hard test to check your intuition and observation. Will your instincts save you if you come across a cannibal one day? Let's check! If you find out who the cannibal is in less than 15 minutes, then you're well-prepared for an encounter!
11:11 - I bet you never knew these essential tips for healthy eating! But actually, you can easily guess why these things should be avoided if you use your logical thinking and a bit of common sense😜 A general knowledge quiz to improve your thinking skills and help you learn some important tips!
11:54 - A hard crime riddle where you still have a chance to prevent a crime (if you're a quick-thinker). You just need to use your logic and keep the information in mind. I'm sure you can do this! A cool detective riddle to exercise your brain and boost your memory!
13:17 - Here is a short visual riddle to turn on your logic and boost your critical thinking! Who is poor, A or B? What do you think?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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