5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon India #3 | Desi Bit

Desi Bit
Published at : 2018-03-22
What is up, people? My name is Momi Zaree and this is my channel "Desi Bit". In this video, I have listed 5 cool gadgets which you can buy online today on Amazon India.

All product's link are given below. Please do check for more information. Please note that prices mentioned here are as of March 22, 2018.

inCharge (Rs.1807):
It is a mini data cable for your iPhone or Android phone which you can carry with you anytime.

Mini Troll (Rs.5705):
It is a world's smallest resonance speaker with which you can turn any surface into a 360° speaker.

M-Stick (Rs.6775):
It is a portable LED light which interworks with smartphone through Bluetooth.

Pressy (Rs.299):
It is a small tool that brings back simplicity to your phone. It lets you perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.

Gear Tie (Rs.771):
It is a reusable rubber twist ties that have a tough rubber shell which provides excellent grip and a strong wire inside that holds its shape.

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