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Published at : 2019-01-02T22:14:07.000Z
Vivian gacha did a similar video to this "Red eyes / Demon eyes" and I didn't know so credits to her! (for the eyes, the video itself and the story line was originally by me ^^)
honestly it's really getting annoying having to tell people to either read the description or check my pinned comment. LET. ME. SAY. THIS. i know you may think it's bird box inspired but it acc isn't, i only put the blind fold on because she had red eyes and she was meant to be poor, the story line w bird box and this video are COMPLETELYYY different and if u come at me ill drag u ❤️ i am NOT being rude i just hate repeating myself over and over again. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING! i am SO SO SO thankful for my supporters and fans, and also the haters cos they give me views regardless ;) but it gets really annoying and i hope you understand! ALSO, my intro is airplane mode. This movie IS original because of the storyline. it was made up from my head, and i didn't know others made a video similar to red eyes so i gave credits, but in general it is original. so stop acting all petty in the comments (this goes to yall haters lmao) also, about that 15% of red eyes I AM BAD AT MATH ok i thought because theres like 7 billion people in the earth 15% is very few but its actually large its not real it's just made up so dont come at me ^^ and (don’t read the comments if u don’t want spoiler alerts)

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MY LONGEST VIDEO YET! and NOO this is not bird box inspired! anyways i hope y’all liked it! it took me so long, and it’s nothing serious ^^ i added some funny/ish parts to lighten up the video lol.
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