someone called me ugly, so this is what i did...

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Published at : 05 Jul, 2017
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someone called me ugly, so this is what i did... i made this video to demonstrate that beauty standards are silly. Anyone can fit the stereotypical "pretty" girl with some makeup products and brushes. So, don't compare yourself or others in real life to Instagram, magazine shoots or videos online, because you aren't factoring in the lighting, makeup, angle, etc during your comparison. And besides that fact, it's just silly to compare.

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Hello stranger reading useless descriptions! Nice to meet you. Since you're here sneakily reading descriptions that almost no one ever reads, let's play a little game. I have an offer for you. If you do it, I'll give you a little present. Here's my offer:

If you go to the secret YouTube video link at the end of this and comment something that includes "#makeup", I'll give you a special heart on that comment that pins your comment to the top! I promise I will do it because no one reads descriptions and only a few sneaky people do this like yourself, so high five! ;)

Here's the secret link:
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